ScanEagle® ISR Services Expedited for Coast Guard National Security Cutters

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The U.S. Coast Guard is expediting the implementation of ScanEagle® ISR Services on its Legend-class national security cutters (NSCs).  Posted January 17, 2020 by SeaPower Magazine Senior Editor Richard R. Burgess.

ScanEagle ISR Services Expedited for Coast Guard National Security Cutters
A ScanEagle® is launched during a Strait of Hormuz transit aboard USS Lewis B. Puller.

“We had a notional timeline to integrate over a five-year period and [Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Karl Schultz] stated in his speech last year that he wanted to integrate it on board all national security cutters by the end of 2020,” said Ron Tremain, vice president of Insitu Defense, a Boeing company, who spoke to Seapower on Jan. 15

A standard pack-out for a deployment is three ScanEagle® UAVs, he said. The sensor systems include an electro-optical/infrared camera, a laser pointer, a communication relay, an Automatic Identification System interrogator and Vidar (visual detection and ranging, a surface search capability).

Retired Coast Vice Adm. John P. Currier, head of JP Currier Consulting LLC and former head on Coast Guard acquisition, told Seapower that before deployment of the ScanEagle® the NSC had a scan of 35 miles either side of the ship with its organic sensors.

“With ScanEagle® on board, for good parts of the day, you’re up to 75 miles either side of the ship as you’re moving through the sea space,” he said. “ScanEagle® is a game-changer.”

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