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Listening to Ocean Life – Wave Glider featured in Sea Technology

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Listening to Ocean Life, the Wave Glider SV2 autonomous vehicle designed and manufactured by Liquid Robotics, was featured in the May 2019 issue of Sea Technology Magazine.

“Remote observations of marine animal behavior have one distinct advantage over direct observations: The observer is not present to disturb the animals.  There are no vessel noises, no diver’s bubbles, no people present that could alter the behavior of the animals being observed.

We report here on how an autonomous vehicle, a Liquid Robotics SV2 Wave Glider (Liquid Robotics, Sunnyvale, California) equipped with hydrophones and acoustic tag detectors, can be a tool to study the behavior and habitat use of fishes and whales in the coastal environment.  With that objective, we have used a new instrument – “Blackbeard”, the Acoustic Wave Glider (AWG) – to conduct affordable, long-term, passive acoustic monitoring of marine animals and the coastal environment.”

Read the complete article here in the digital issue of Sea Technology Magazine.

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