Specialists in AIS Reception Beyond Line-Of-Sight.

Shine Micro is the pioneer of high-sensitivity Automatic Identification System (AIS) receivers for aircraft and long-range, real-time, persistent vessel tracking. We specialize in innovation and optimization of AIS, including Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) monitoring and Small Vessel Tracking (SVT).

Shine Micro offers AIS solutions for:
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)
  • Airborne surveillance and monitoring
  • Data Collection for Asset tracking, management and analytics
  • Unmanned Vehicles and Systems (UAV / UAS)
  • Aids to Navigation (AtoNs)
  • Self-contained solar-powered beacons
  • Portable test equipment
  • And more
Shine Micro proudly supports commercial, government, and military clients worldwide in maritime, aerospace, and defense industries.

AIS Receiver Markets

Data collection is more valuable than ever before; don't be limited by Line-Of-Sight.  Choose a market segment below to learn how Shine Micro can increase your AIS tracking range and data collection capability:

Product Spotlight

RadarPlus® SM1610-4 Long-Range Dual AIS Receivers w/ LNA

SM1610-4 long range dual AIS Receiver with LNA and USCG logo

The RadarPlus® SM1610-4 achieves industry-leading sensitivity with enhanced AIS receivers in a rugged weather-resistant chassis.

The SM1610-4 is standard equipment for both the US Navy and US Coast Guard, providing industry-leading AIS reception sensitivity and monitoring range. The SM1610-4 also includes VDL analysis capabilities; making it a valuable tool for port administrations.


Most Popular AIS Receivers

RadarPlus® SA161-MH MIL-Spec AIS Receivers for Avionics

SA161-MH MIL-Spec dual AIS receiver for aircraft with ST162-T1 portable AIS test set, MH60 helicopter and Insitu Integrator UAV

RadarPlus® SA161-MH AIS Receivers for avionics provide the most sensitive AIS reception in the harshest of environments.  Applications include vessel tracking, maritime surveillance, search and rescue, and more. Enclosed in a fully shielded aluminum case with NVIS-compatible surfaces, the SA161-MH is corrosion resistant, light weight, and rugged.


US Coast Guard EmblemFor more news directly from the USCG, visit https://www.news.uscg.mil/