How do you use AIS?

Electronic navigation (eNav), collision avoidance, asset tracking, fleet management, and threat identification are just a few of the applications that come to mind when thinking of an Automatic Identification System, or AIS.  These applications and more have made AIS a mature, indispensable technology for government agencies, commercial business, and private parties alike.

The Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things (IoT)” model has given rise to analytic applications of AIS data, such as efficiency modeling and environmental protection. The existing infrastructure of AIS is used as the carrier for analytic data in these applications; limited only by the (rapidly increasing) availability of peripheral sensor technology.
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"The data is out there."

The use of AIS is an internationally adopted and accepted requirement.  The extended range, sensitivity, and enhanced signal analysis features exclusive to Shine Micro products provide the most accurate and detailed information available from an AIS


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