AIS (Automatic Identification System) shore stations are hubs in which AIS data is received, for both real-time and analytic applications.

Global Acceptance

AIS is a globally-implemented component of port and waterway authorities, asset tracking services, Maritime Domain Awareness programs, homeland security measures, and Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. The prolific adoption of AIS provides readily-available infrastructure for data-driven analytic applications, such as efficiency planning and environmental impact modeling.

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Real-time EEZ Monitoring

There are many site-specific factors that impact the reception range of an AIS Shore Station:

  • Antenna Height
  • Physical Obstruction
  • VHF interference
  • Co-Located Equipment
  • and more

Utilizing exclusive high-sensitivity receiver technology and advanced signal processing capability, Shine Micro AIS receivers have demonstrated reception exceeding 200 NM*.  This reception range allows the persistent, real-time monitoring of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), without the delay and expense of a subscription service.

*from optimized shore station locations

Customized Choices

Shine Micro offers a line of AIS receiver models to meet or exceed the target reception range, connectivity, data volume, and data processing goals of clients; from individuals and contractors to port authorities and national governments.

Shine Micro also offers a line of AIS test equipment to aid in:

  • site selection and optimization
  • installation verification
  • identification and mitigation of interference
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Shine Micro AIS Shore Station Products