RadarPlus AIS Receiver Network Capability

Imagine the ability to find any vessel, anywhere, any time. It’s possible.

Driven by the received data of voluntary participants, the Shine Micro Live AIS Vessel Tracking Network starts here: with you. Participation in the Shine Micro Live AIS Vessel Tracking Network allows users to include the data from their AIS receiver in a worldwide network, and access that combined AIS information through an internet browser; from laptops to PDAs to cell phones.

What is a RadarPlus Network AIS Receiver?

An SM161RGN-2 is an industry-proven, high sensitivity RadarPlus AIS Receiver with a 12-channel GPS standard (rather than optional), custom software, and a serial-to-ethernet network adapter. Each network participant receives access to the full datastream that drives the web display, which includes the actual navigational data provided by the networked AIS receivers; as opposed to the visually appealing (but non-navigational) data freely viewable on the Live AIS Vessel Tracking Display pages of www.shinemicro.com.

In addition, network participation is a requirement of Shine Micro product dealership, meaning that as Authorized Dealers are selected around the world the Live AIS Vessel Tracking Network will expand accordingly.

What does this mean for individual participants?

The quality and quantity of AIS data accessible will continually increase! Participation in the Shine Micro Live AIS Live Vessel Network will not only provide users with web-based coverage of their location, but with coverage of every other location connected to the network; all accessible for use with navigation software via an IP address.

Participation is easy.

RadarPlus Network AIS Receiver products are easy to buy, easy to connect, and easy to support.
Receivers can be purchased online, or via phone, fax, or email.
Once purchased, Shine Micro staff is available via phone and email to assist you with installation and connection to the network, and a full instruction manual is provided with purchase.
Once connected, we can see what you see! This allows the staff at Shine Micro to provide site-specific support.

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