eNavigation, November 13-14, 2007

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Seattle, Washington

Featuring a live-on-site installation of the SM1680 “Octopus”, Shine Micro attended the annual Seattle AIS conference again this year. The “eNav” conference was held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center on the Seattle Waterfront, and expanded beyond AIS to cover all topics and products related to eNavigation.

From a near-sea-level elevation and utilizing 4 omnidirectional Morad HD159 antennas temporarily installed on the terrace, the SM1680 phase-synchronous octal receiver array received AIS transmissions from south of Olympia to North of Whidbey Island, a range spanning approximately 100 miles and covering various topography, waterways and inlets well beyond line-of-sight and over the horizon.

The data received by the SM1680 was displayed using Coastal Explorer by RosePoint Navigation on the laptop and projector screen at the Shine Micro booth, as well as on the large plasma screen of GateHouse A/S. GateHouse is an NAIS Increment II partner with Shine Micro on Team Harris.

The Shine Micro booth also featured a live demonstration of the RadarPlus AIS-BX Class B AIS transponder, operating under experimental license. Static data programming procedures were included in this demonstration, illustrating how easy it is to install and use Class B AIS.

Jorge Arroyo, USCG Commandant – Office of Navigational Systems, made two exciting announcements at the eNavigation 2007 conference:

  1. FCC approval of Class B AIS is imminent.
  2. The synopsis for a Request For Proposal for Increment II of the Nationwide Automatic Identification System (NAIS) Program will be released prior to Class B AIS approval.

Having been involved in the development of Class B AIS (and the applicable international standards) for 5+ years, and having won and completed a contract award for Long Range AIS Receivers in NAIS Increment I, both of these announcements were eagerly received by Shine Micro, Inc.

Click here for the eNavigation 2007 website and complete agenda.

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Shine Micro Booth at eNav 07

SM1680 Octopus at eNav 07

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