MNT-00N2-70F universal mast mount

Universal Mast Mount MNT-00N2-70F

MNT-00N2-70F (AC Antenna product N270F) is a universal mast mount for mounting on top of any support pipe 38-74mm in diameter. Side mounting on vertical tube Ø25-70mm.

The mount is very versatile and can be mounted on top of poles with the brackets mounted from the front and on both horizontal and vertical bars when rear mounted.

Mechanical Specification

Material Solid Brass
Finish White
Weight (g/lbs) 1325/2.92
Mounting Method mast/pole mount
Thread 1.25”-11 TPI, external

MNT-00N2-70F universal mast mount
This part fits

This universal mast mount fits all AC Antennas products with an internal 1.25”-11 TPI thread. Hence this mount fits antennas such as the CX4, CX3 5/8 and Cellular antennas.

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