Handheld MMSI Request

Before you begin...

I. Please be sure to have the following items handy when completing the application.

  1. Your Shine Micro Inc. Handheld MMSI Certificate Order Confirmation Number. If you do not have a Handheld MMSI Order Confirmation Number, please click here to purchase an MMSI certificate.

II. Helpful information regarding registration.

  1. Telephone numbers should be entered as 10 digits. Example: (555)555-1234 or 555-555-1234
  2. Upon Completion of the application you will receive a confirmation screen as well as an email confirmation at the address provided on the application.

III. USCG and FCC information

  1. If you are required to carry a VHF License assigned through the FCC or plan to obtain one, do not complete this form. An MMSI has already been assigned or will be assigned to you in connection with your VHF License. Please call the FCC at 888-225-5322 (select option 2) to obtain or verify your FCC assigned MMSI number.
  2. Shine Micro Inc. assigned MMSI data is stored in the Coast Guard SAR database. It is not included in the International SAR database.
  3. If you are voluntarily licensed but will be cruising in U.S. waters only, you may use the Shine Micro Inc. assigned MMSI number, however, keep in mind that should you decide to cruise in international waters in future, the MMSI data would not be included in the International Search & Rescue Database.