Educational AIS Seminars

Shine Micro, Inc., a world leader in Automatic Identification System (AIS) technologies, is pleased to offer educational AIS seminars.

By the popular demand of our community, the Shine Micro Educational AIS Seminar is targeted to recreational and industry-related parties; such as Yacht Clubs and Coast Guard Auxiliary Groups.

Educational AIS Seminars - What is AIS

Shine Micro Educational AIS Seminars are not a sales pitch.

Shine Micro believes the technology sells itself once boaters understand that using AIS increases boating safety. This firm belief is the reason we specialize in AIS, and why Shine Micro products are recognized globally for their high sensitivity receivers, long-term reliability and durability, and overall value.

This seminar aims to make everyday boaters aware of the technology that exists to aid in safe navigation, situational awareness, search and rescue, and more.

As active and diligent members of the boating community Shine Micro is pleased to offer the Educational AIS Seminar for only the cost of travel. Seminar hosts will receive a copy of the MS PowerPoint presentation and slide notes on CD upon completion of the seminar. Live demonstrations of AIS receivers and Class B AIS transponders can be arranged on a case-by-case basis, depending on location.