Shine Micro, Inc. Announces New SM1610-4 Base Station AIS Receiver.

Port Ludlow, WA, October 26, 2012 - Shine Micro, Inc., an industry leader in Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology, announces availability of a new SM1610-4 AIS receiver which incorporates a variety of new enhanced VDL analysis tools and hardware upgrades.

The New SM1610-4

The SM1610-4 incorporates a variety of new features. The SM1610-4 is compliant with the revised standards NMEA0183 v4.0 and ITU-R M.1371-4. Shine Micro has developed new advanced VDL analysis tools. A few of these new features include: output of the number of active slots per frame, garbled packet information, frequency and deviation of the received packet. In addition, the receiver can be configured to output failed messages, including CRC failures, for further troubleshooting and analysis. An upgraded processor and larger memory make these new features possible. The serial port is configurable up to 230.4 kbps accommodating the serial bandwidth to output this additional signal information.

The SM1610-4 includes the latest RSSI monitor software application for displaying the radio output in a graphical format. A Windows based application is included as well which allows customization of the radio output to fit the end user's unique AIS receiver output requirements. The SM1610-4 can also be configured to output in SM1610-2 compatibility mode for customers who prefer a NMEA 0183 v3.0 serial interface.

The RadarPlus® SM1610-4 builds on the proven performance of the SM1610-2 to provide new analysis tools for base station applications

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About Shine Micro

Shine Micro products are praised as the most sensitive AIS receivers commercially available by commercial, recreational, and military users alike. The RadarPlus® product line includes an AIS solution for everyone; from individual pleasure boaters to the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Shine Micro is well known for the SM1610 long-range AIS receiver selected by the USCG for the Nationwide Automatic Identification System (NAIS) and the unique, compact design of the airborne AIS receiver, the SA161-UA, designed for integrated use on board the unmanned aerial vehicle, ScanEagle, designed by Insitu of Bingen, WA.

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